I want my own username back

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Recently, I was trying to enter my password to sign into my account and came upon a different question.  I clicked on it trying to find out more then found I opened a hornet's nest!  What I had done was to give me a "split personality" one being an administrator. Now I find I cannot get into my account or indeed anything. Using all of the usernames I know, I just cannot open anything. I've tried everything including many hours on most parts of M.S. help and I am more confused than ever. All I need to know is how can I go back to my original username and cancel the dual profile situation that I find myself in.

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if I understood correctly you have 2 accounts, one is an administrator, and the other here is a user - on the start screen you can log in to one or the other?
Explain in more detail.
That's right. I don't know how I got the second one. I just want one profile only.
You can delete this account!
Just open the Control Panel and there in the account settings you will see 2 administrator accounts and the second user (you can delete this account), but you have to decide in the settings whether the user's data is to be left on the computer - remember about it
Good luck
Thank you so much, Andrzej1 for coming to my aid! I have been trying to gain success with this problem for weeks now. The problem is, I still need some advice. Following your instructions I went to account settings and saw my 2 accounts. One had my old (now not in use) email address and the other with the correct address but both were named Administrator! Can you please advise me how to delete the one with the old address and remove the administrator function from the other, if that is the normal thing to do. All I want is to have one ordinary email account so I can set up the new usernames and passwords. Sorry to bother you about this but due to your caution I don't want to cause any more problems.
Strange is that there are 2 administrators!
surely you can use the control panel to change the account type and should be able to remove unnecessary administrator.
If you know the passwords for both accounts - it is possible.
If Windows will not be able to remove it, you will receive a notification, but remember that you can delete all settings, applications and files assigned to this account and this requires special attention!
Here I am again, Andreze1, still trying to fathom out this unbelievable situation I find myself in. It seems that since I have two administrators, one is fighting the other to give me access to my account. Since either myself or Microsoft has been involved in this mess, I feel one of us can get me out. You mention above that if I know both passwords, I can delete one but due to the manner in which this debacle occurred, I was the subject on numerous demands to change several passwords with the result that I only have one password on file. You did mention that the use of control panel may help. Is it possible to direct me to that area even if I may have to employ an expert. I look forward to your reply.
Yes, the help of an expert is a good idea!
He will check it all and do it that way.