Help w/ upgrade from Linux 1.1 to 1.4 in EFLOW environment

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Windows Server 2019

HyperV enabled (Passthrough)

                VM Options, enable VBS (Enable Virtualization based Security)

                Use External switch and turn on ‘Allow promiscuous mode’    

                EFLOW VM 1.1 in use


Bug/Problem Description:

We are trying to update from Linux (Eflow version) 1.1 to 1.4  

However, the Linux VM is able to acquire the IP address and it begins an ssh connection but it asks me for a password which I do not have.  What is the password ?  Can it be reset to a default password ?


Separately, when I try to use the newest version (1.4) the setup fails to acquire the IP and is unable to ssh into the machine.


Thanks for the help. 

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@mwilcox1SOD  We resolved the problem by turning off the old EFLOW VM and running the uninstall then running the upgrade.   Not, sure why the docs didnt mention this but the msoft case 2303290040007430  has details for Msoft employees to review.