Good definition of the term 'image'


Going through Windows Internals and security documents and they keep referring images, image exe/dll, imagepath and imageload. 


It's a hard to term to google because I keep getting information about pictures. 


In regards to Windows Internals and Security, what's a good description/explanation of the term 'image'?  Is it mostly just an exe/dll? 



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@mathurin68 Like many technical terms, "image" means different things depending upon the context of its use.

When referring to programs, and image is generally the compiled executable file. The file types can include .exe and .dll and others.

The term image is also often used when referring to deploying and installing an operating system. In this case the image, sometimes referred to as an operating system image or a disk image, can be thought of as a copy of a disk partition that can be applied to a hard drive. Generally for the purpose of installing the operating system.

These are just 2 examples. Without knowing more about the context of its use, I would guess that your assumption that the term is refereeing to an .exe or .dll is correct in this case.

I hope that helps!


@Ed Gallagherthat defitnitely helps.  I was mostly going through the Microsoft Windows Internals book and some FireEye manuals for work.  "A compiled executable that can include exe and dll among other things" that fits with most of what I'm reading. 



@mathurin68 You are very welcome. If you can, would you mark my earlier reply as an answer to your question? It helps others find solutions when they see a question has been answered.



You got it, thanks again!