Get an app to open this 'windowsdefender' link

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So i have just updated my pc from windows 10 to 11 and saw that the little windows security icon in the bottom right corner showed some recommendations. I tried opening up windows security but it wouldnt. So i navigated to it through the settings menu and then it told me this "Get an app to open this 'windowsdefender' link". I have tried nearly every guide on youtube but nothing has worked as of yet.
i should also mention that i cant find the windows security app under the apps section in settings

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ty so much. It seems to be the problem as it wont allow me to enable windows firewall. But the fact is i have just reset my pc (erased everything) and upgraded to windows 11 and i havent enabled any other firewall, that i am aware of.
It tells me that it cannot be enabled because of an existing group policy or because i am using another firewall program.


But you downloaded the tool I shared?

Here is the whole story. I got scammed via discord because of social engineering. Which lead me to run a .exe file (i know, extremely stupid). The .exe file somehow took my discord credentials and google acount info. Thats the reason that i erased everything from my drives and reinstalled windows.
But i did indeed download the tool. It said it could not enable the windows firewall "because of an existing group policy or because another firewall is running". But i havent enabled any other firewall.


First, check Windows activation - connect to your Microsoft account.

Windows Defender broken on Windows 11 and won't open - Microsoft Community

Windows 11 is activated via. a digital license linked to my Microsoft account


To make sure your computer is secure, download the scanner:

Microsoft Safety Scanner Download | Microsoft Learn

It has finished a complete run and found nothing

See if this fix helps you:

Let us know if this helps!

Note: Included link in this reply refers to blog post by a trusted Microsoft MVP.
Already have tried that. Didnt work
Didnt help either... Still same message when i try to open it up
I first tried the Group Policy Editor, it didnt work. I searched for it and ran the editor. But then i gave me an error message and now i cant find it again.
Then i tried the Regestry Editor but there were no key in the path called "DisableRealTimeMonitoring"
Then i tried the powershell command but that didnt work either.
And i cant do the last one cause i cant open the security
I got the group policy editor to work and changed the property of the "Turn off Microsoft Defender Antivirus" as the guide showed. Then i ran the firewall tool but the same message came up. So apparently my computer is running an firewall that i dont know of


Check the task scheduler - there you should see the running tasks by another antivirus.

Cant really find anything but then again i am not really familiar with the tool and i dont know what exactly i am looking for


Preferably - go to your computer manufacturer's technical support - they are the most appropriate to fix this problem.

Because you've taken a lot of steps – no solution.

I dont know why it is acting up. I just went to Control Panel -> System and Security -> Windows Defender Firewall -> Customize Settings. And there i can see that Windows Defender Firewall is enabled on both private- and public network setting