Exploit guard

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Hi dears. I got sad face cause i enabled windows defender exploit guard option on wininit rundll and dllhost. How to go around not even safe mode loads after win 10 blue icon disappears again i wonder what could ive done wrong again all was allowed now i forgot which option could been it cause some executables of windows microsoft dont need same options of exploit guard but i didnt do arbitary and code guard and strict config i didnt do import or export or win32k calls or child processes unless misclicked and eyes rolled. Please no image no restore no reinstall. Can i rename wininit to cmd and launch explorer while it loads and open windows defender? Some help similar like that much applazed. Plz. I hate there's no public claim of what exploit guard may do to computer exactly but that's why that's good but why be in windows itself broke it myself again. Now how fixy so i understand this?
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