Antimalware Service Executable limiting cpu C0%

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Everytime after boot, around the 10m30s mark, Windows begins to install a service related to Windows Defender - the event ID is 7045 - MpKslDrv.sys. This happens everytime a security intelligence update is done.

The problem is this: during the first 10m30s where this service isn´t installed and running, if i run a benchmark like Cinebench R23, the total cpu C0% goes up to 100% and stays there while the benchmark is running, while the antimalware service executable stays around 0.1%. Great.
After that, if i run the benchmark, the total cpu C0% won´t get past 99.5% and the antimalware service executable goes up to 3.5%. This results in obvious lower scores in the benchmark.

So, why is Defender eating up cpu performance? Even after doing fresh, clean Windows installs without any tweaking, this behaviour is persistent.


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