A false detection of Windows 10 Defender for my exe file suddenly occurred again

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I have an .exe file that I created myself. I submitted it to Microsoft Security Intelligence webpage and it was approved as a false detection a few months ago.

Today, That false detection suddenly happened and caused a lot of inconveniences to my users who using this file.


So, what's the reason? Why did this detection happened again? And how can I report it and get it done forever?

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If you believe this is false detection, you may report it to the following website:
And see what the result is?
There might be change in your code which might caused this issue.

Thank @Reza_Ameri for your reply.

I submitted this file to Microsoft Security Intelligence several times for checking again and again.

But although there is no change on my file, a new false detection will still occur after many days.

I have no idea how can I avoid this from happening in the future because I cannot find any way to contact to Microsoft Support Team for this problem.