A false detection of Windows 10 Defender for my exe file suddenly occurred again

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I have an .exe file that I created myself. I submitted it to Microsoft Security Intelligence webpage and it was approved as a false detection a few months ago.

Today, That false detection suddenly happened and caused a lot of inconveniences to my users who using this file.


So, what's the reason? Why did this detection happened again? And how can I report it and get it done forever?

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If you believe this is false detection, you may report it to the following website:
And see what the result is?
There might be change in your code which might caused this issue.

Thank @Reza_Ameri for your reply.

I submitted this file to Microsoft Security Intelligence several times for checking again and again.

But although there is no change on my file, a new false detection will still occur after many days.

I have no idea how can I avoid this from happening in the future because I cannot find any way to contact to Microsoft Support Team for this problem.

Since Mar 25th, I've been facing the same issue. I took the step to submit it to Microsoft for review via https://www.microsoft.com/en-us/wdsi/filesubmission

The result is:
We have determined that the files meet our criteria for malware. At this time the detection will remain in place.

However, they haven't provided any evidence to support their conclusion, opting for a straightforward judgment instead.