Windows Update Category IDs vs Types

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I'm working out to use PSWindowsUpdate powershell module to manage updates on some servers and endpoints.

There's still one thing that I've been looking around, but could't find the answer.

When I search for updates in one machine, I got a list of Updates, but I want to filter out by update type, as I don't want to install certain updates, like drivers, sql server updates, etc. So I want to find out which categories are available so I can decide which one to install and this being an automated process. 


So on this link I can find the CategoryIDs for the different update types (end of the article):

But I'm missing one important category which is for example "Drivers".
For example on one machine I've got an update for "VMware, Inc. - SCSIAdapter -", which is listed on the list of available updates.

If I run all available IDs (from that above link), I can't find that update. But if I run the command:

Get-WindowsUpdate -WindowsUpdate -NotCategory "Drivers"

Then the driver update is not displayed.

Anyone knows how can I check categories on PSWindowsUpdate or else which CategoryID is the "Drivers" Category?


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Drivers & Upgrades IDs


there is only two update types, Software + Driver



Get-WindowsUpdate -WindowsUpdate -Category 'Drivers', 'Updates', 'Security Updates', 'Critical Updates'




Get-WindowsUpdate -WindowsUpdate -CategoryIDs 'EBFC1FC5-71A4-4F7B-9ACA-3B9A503104A0', 'CD5FFD1E-E932-4E3A-BF74-18BF0B1BBD83', '0FA1201D-4330-4FA8-8AE9-B877473B6441', 'E6CF1350-C01B-414D-A61F-263D14D133B4'



Thanks for the input. That link really helped as it has the "Drivers" CategoryID, which I didn't had until now.
I think this way I can solve my problem for now.