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Is there a  PowerShell script I can automate and run in Azure Intune to check all the current machines for the current Windows updates? I want to be able to automate a script to report after Patch Tuesday to check to see if all my current machines got the latest patches.

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@Sterrick  I believe Configuration Manager will provide better overview about Patch compliance. Sorry If you're using another tool for updates management.



Hi Yes we are using Intune


As mentioned by @ranjithckm7 - the device management platform- Intune in this case will provide an overview of patch compliance and install status. It can be further utilised for detail views, querying and organising data sent in by managed devices etc.

Unsure, to what extent you want a script's functionality to be, a good starting point will be:

get-wmiObject -class win32_quickFixEngineering -computerName $cpName | where-object {$_.hotFixID -eq 'KBxxxxxx'}

-computerName parameter could be an array of devices you want to check against.