Windows 11, PowerShell 5.1.22000.1335 works yet 7.3.1 does not for Connect-AzureAD

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I am in Windows 11 and I use PowerShell 5 and would like to mainly use 7 yet when I go to Connect-AzureAD it doesn't like it.

I have a screenshot showing both as admin and NON admin and I can install yet can't Connect.

I opened PS 5 and PS 7 as NON admin and received the same errors.



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The AzureAD module does not support PS7/Core installs. You can however run it in compatibility mode:

Import-Module AzureAD -UseWindowsPowerShell

Better use the Graph SDK for PowerShell, as the AzureAD module is going to be deprecated soon anyway.
THANK YOU! That's a good point, I will update to Graph
I assume it is here -
Install-Module Microsoft.Graph -Scope AllUsers -Force