Why is PowerShell 3 and newer 5x slower than Power Shell at start-up? ISE

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I have discovered Power Shell ISE not long time ago. I like it a lot, but there is one thing that is concerning me. After downloading the newer versions (3 and 4), I discovered when launching the ISE software it takes 5x more time to launch. Basically it took just 1 second to launch PowerShell 1 ISE and now PowerShell 3 ISE takes 5 seconds.


Even when I tried ISE on my 8 core machine, it still took 3 seconds to start.


Except the auto-fill feature, everthing in Power Shell 3 feels the same.

My question is why it takes so much long to start? It`s a little painfull to watch the same software taking so much long time.


I am very curious about that. Hopefully someone might help me out here.



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Hello @PeterSen20,

My guess would be - because of modules auto-load.

Beginning in PowerShell 3.0, PowerShell imports modules automatically from location specified by the PSModulePath environment variable.

Reference: about_modules


Hope that helps.