What PowerShell can replace hyperlinks in a PowerPoint on SharePoint Online, taking URLs from a CSV?

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Hi there

What PowerShell script can replace hyperlinks in an MS PowerPoint document on SharePoint Online, taking old URLs and new URLs from a CSV file?

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Hello @frob009,

You can use Powerpoint COM object and open file directly from SharePoint online and then perform needed manipulations.

Something like this:

Add-type -AssemblyName office
$PowerpointFile = "<SharePoint Online URL to file"
$Powerpoint = New-Object -ComObject powerpoint.application
$ppt = $Powerpoint.presentations.open($PowerpointFile, 2, $True, $False)
$URLMap=Import-Csv .\URLMapping.csv

foreach($slide in $ppt.slides){
    foreach ($h in $slide.Hyperlinks){
        $NewURL=$URLMap | Where-Object {$_.OldURL -eq $h.Address} | Select -ExpandProperty NewURL
            Write-Output "Old Url: $($h.Address)"
            Write-Output "New Url: $($h.Address)"

Sleep -Seconds 3
Sleep -Seconds 3




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Hope that helps.