Unable to upgrade to A7 and A8 using Azure PowerShell Cmdlet -


We are using this Cmdlet: https://docs.microsoft.com/en-us/powershell, to Upgrade the SKU to A7 and A8.
We are able to scale to A7 from UI as shown below. On trying with PowerShell Cmdlet, we get the below error:
Update-AzureRmPowerBIEmbeddedCapacity : Cannot validate argument on parameter 'Sku'. The argument "A7" does not belong to the set "A1,A2,A3,A4,A5,A6" specified by the ValidateSet attribute. Supply an argument that is in the set and then try the command again. At line:70 char:121 + ... -Name $pbiEmbCap.Name -ResourceGroupName $resourceGroupName -Sku $sku + ~~~~ + CategoryInfo : InvalidData: (:) [Update-AzureRmPowerBIEmbeddedCapacity], ParameterBindingValidationException + FullyQualifiedErrorId : ParameterArgumentValidationError,Microsoft.Azure.Commands.PowerBI.UpdateAzurePowerBIEmbeddedCapacity

Is it possible to update the parameter set including A7 and A8, so that we can use the same Cmdlet to upgrade the SKU



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No, there's nothing you can do about this.


I've also taken a look at the replacement command, Update-AzPowerBIEmbeddedCapacity, from the module (Az.PowerBIEmbedded) replacing AzureRM.PowerBIEmbedded and the accepted values only go as far as A6 there, too.




Given there are regional restrictions around the A7 and A8 SKUs (as noted here), my guess is that both modules only cater to the SKUs currently available in all regions, which end at A6.


If you were so inclined, you could try and work with the Power BI Embedded APIs directly using Invoke-RestMethod but that's beyond the scope of what can easily be discussed here. And if the modules are in alignment with the APIs then it probably won't make a difference anyway.


Capacities - Update - REST API (Azure Power BI Embedded) | Microsoft Docs