Unable to set TeamsFilePolicy

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     I'm trying to update a policy value from teams, the 'CsTeamsFilePolicy'. All the documentation redirects to use powershell.


Documentation - Teams native file upload policy 

Documentation - Turn off teams native file upload policy 




Every time I try to update this value or create a new CsTeamsFilesPolicy the error 'DefaultFileUploadAppId must be a GUID value' appears: 




  • I don't see this property in the cmdlet, either reported anywhere.
  • I have tried with 3 different tenants and all raise the same error
  • I don't see this configuration in the graph API, so I can't manipulate elsewhere
  • I tried to downgrade the module version
  • I don't see any changes to this cmdlet in the releases page 


So don't really know if I'm doing something wrong or if the cmdlet it's broken. 



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Hi @dpobo 

Same here. Using the most current MicrosoftTeams PowerShell Module.

I provided Feedback on the Article (on top of the Page) that it does not work



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