Unable to get the SaveAs property of the Workbook class

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One of my existing script has stopped running and logs the error mentioned in Subject line.

Script fetches data from Active directory and Database, stores it in an Excel file, uploads the new file on SharePoint Online.


It did log below warning couple days back and now it just logs exception and doesn't upload file on SharePoint.  

A newer version of PnP PowerShell is available: 1.9.39.
Use 'Update-Module -Name PnP.PowerShell ' to update.
Use 'Get-PnPChangeLog -Release 1.9.39' to list changes.
You can turn this check off by setting the 'PNPPOWERSHELL_UPDATECHECK' environment variable to 'Off'.

I have re-installed pnp.powershell , ExchangeOnlineManagement, MSOnline, SharePointPnPPowerShell* modules again but no luck. Do I need to restart server once I install powershell modules?

what else might be missing ? 

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