The term 'New-informationbarrierPolicy' is not recognized as the name of a cmdlet, function

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Hello guys,


Does any one can run the "New-InformationBarrierPolicy" cmdlets successfully with EXO V2 module?

I've login successful and granted permission with Information Barrier Processor but still cannot run it..


From the error message seems no such cmdlets...



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You will have to connect to the Security & Compliance Center to run the command ( Command would be :


Connect-IPPSSession -UserPrincipalName admin @

Afterwards the New-InformationBarrierPolicy cmdlet should be available if you have enough permissions

Well tried before... This seems only work with certain subscription except the Developer one.

@Harm_Veenstra I'm using a tenant that I received via an MSDN subscription to test out information barriers to better understand them for our production tenant. I get the same message, and it appears that 'New-InformationBarrierPolicy' isn't loaded when connecting to the Security and Compliance Powershell. (Not OP, but ok)

Ok, no experience in that and your connecting account has enough permissions?
Assigned roles in Azure AD are Attack Simulator admin, Compliance Admin, Compliance Data Admin, Conditional Access Admin and Global Admin. In the Compliance/Security portal, I have Organizational Management and Insider Risk Management role groups assigned. Is there something I'm, missing?
I don't think so.. Don't know what the limitations, if any, are using a MSDN subscription...
I’m going to open a case with Microsoft. I’ll update when resolved.
It does seem to work in my CDX environment, I can connect and use the New-InformationBarrierPolicy cmdlet



I'm not sure about the CDX component. What is that? How can I check?

You're referring to a tenant which you got using a MSDN subscription... My guess was that it was a CDX environment,

Is the domain name something like  ?

Did you resolve this issue @i_ride_ostriches? I also have an MSDN subscription and get the same error when running New-InformationBarrierPolicy cmdlet with EXO v2 modules. If I connect to other production tenants, I *can* see the cmdlet.



Also, in Purview compliance portal > Information barriers, the tenant connected to MSDN only has Segments; and fails when running commands.


In another production tenant it has Segments, Policies and Policy applications. I wonder if that is the same underlying issue.


compare Purview in tenants.png

Is this confirmed? the M365 E5 Developer license cannot be used for testing Information Barriers?