System.NotSupportedException thrown when refferencing Azure Marketplace Store Charge API.

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Hey everyone getting the following error when I call "$enrollmentNo/marketplacechargesbycustomdate?startT..."


It works fine though when I call the usagedetailsbycustomdate API.

2019-05-07T14:33:45.726 [Info] Exception at line 21 message: System.NotSupportedException: Specified method is not supported.    at System.Management.Automation.ParameterBinderBase.CoerceTypeAsNeeded(CommandParameterInternal argument, String parameterName, Type toType, ParameterCollectionTypeInformation collectionTypeInfo, Object currentValue)


Any thoughts or suggestions are greatly appreciated.

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Hi @PMatwyuk


marketplacechargesbycustomdate startDate and endDate data type is DateTime "Sortable DateTime pattern ISO-8601" and in usagedetailsbycustomdate  startDate and endDate data type is string