Struggling with my BODY [my BODY is ok! - TY Lain]

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        $URL = $betaGraphURL+"/users/"+$DATA[5]+"/onlineMeetings"
        $OLMeetingBODY = @{
            "startDateTime" = $finalCLASSstart
            "endDateTime" = $finalCLASSend
            "subject" = $classTITLE
            "broadcastSettings" = @{
                "allowedAudience" = "everyone"
                "isQuestionAndAnswerEnabled" = $true
        $OLMeeting = invoke-restmethod -head $d_HEAD -uri $URL -method post -body ($OLMeetingBODY|convertto-json)




Hello community!


Line 6 is giving me grief.  It works without any 'broadcastSettings' enabled.  I know it has to be something quick an simple.  But for the life of me, I just cannot seem to get it to work.


$DATA[5] = Users Object ID

$d_HEAD = Delegation header


Any guidance would be ever so appreciated!


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This is more a Graph question than a PowerShell question since there's nothing wrong with your example from the PowerShell perspective.


I tested your example (using my own variable values since we can't see yours) and it parsed just fine:




Looking at the second example in the reference documentation, I can't help but wonder if the fact you're missing the "isBroadcast = $true" isn't causing an issue. Perhaps you need this directive to go along with the settings you have in broadcastSettings - dunno, I'm just guessing as this is squarely in the Graph domain (not PowerShell.)





Great point. I felt like I was eating crazy pills!

Now that I know that my BODY is alright. I will go over to the Graph section and seek assistance.

Thank you so much for your time Lain! Have a fantastic weekend!