Starting a PA Flow from a script

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I'm following:

Using site designs and Power Automate to track site creation requests | Microsoft Learn

to the letter. And it's not triggering the flow.



#Define the parameters for the branding:
$themeName = "SiteTemplateBrandingFlowv5"
$site_script = @' 
   "$schema": "schema.json",
     "actions": [
           "verb": "triggerFlow",
           "url": "",
           "name": "Record site creation event",
           "parameters": {
           "event": "site creation",
           "product": "SharePoint Online"
         "bindata": { }, 
    "version": 1

Connect-SPOService -Url "" -Credential $credentials

$addSiteScript = Add-SPOSiteScript -Title $themeName -Content $site_script -Description "Communication site which removes data export for modern experience and adds branding."

Write-Host $addSiteScript.Id

Add-SPOSiteDesign -Title $themeName -WebTemplate "68" -SiteScripts $addSiteScript.Id -Description ""


The flow is just not triggering as mentioned, can anyone see something wrong above. I've used 2 different accounts to create the flow.


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