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Hi, I'm using a power shell to run a OpenSSL batch but I have some problems.


The basic OpenSSL batch needs to load after it opens and then you can write the command string.

The string works if I do it manually, but in Powershell no.


Here is my code:


Start-Process -FilePath "$mypath/start.bat" -ArgumentList "/c $myString"


I'm afraid the Argument are passed too soon and the OpenSSL isn't loaded yet (the batch opens). Is there a way to open the bat (like Invoke-Item) and pass the arguments after 4 seconds?


Thanks in advance for the help

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Hi @Darkveemon1,

to address this, you can try a combination of Start-Process and Start-Sleep to introduce a delay between launching the batch file and passing the arguments.


# Launch the start.bat file
Start-Process -FilePath "$mypath/start.bat" -Wait

# Wait for 4 seconds
Start-Sleep -Seconds 4

# Pass the command string to the already running OpenSSL process
Invoke-Expression "$myString"



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Leon Pavesic

Hi, thanks for the reply, unfortunately it is still not working. This time I get an error, it seems it tries to do "Invoke-Item" and launch the code from Powershell and not from the OpenSSL batch and so it fails.

My code to decrypt uses an "&" and in Powershell it is not managed like that, that's why it should launch it in the batch
I managed to do it in a more unorthodox way, but it worked
And how? :)
Could you share your unorthodox way with us?