SharePoint Online: Get the Site Owner using PowerShell

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Need powershell code to  Get the Site Owner using PowerShell .

I tried to using below code but the data is no accurate and no incorrect .


#Variables for Admin Center

$AdminCenterURL =

$CSVPath = "c:/temp/danny.csv"


#Get Credentials to connect

$Cred = Get-Credential


#Connect to SharePoint Online and Azure AD

Connect-SPOService -url $AdminCenterURL -Credential $Cred

Connect-AzureAD -Credential $Cred | Out-Null


#Get all Site Collections

$Sites = Get-SPOSite -Limit ALL


$SiteOwners = @()

#Get Site Owners for each site collection

$Sites | ForEach-Object {

    If($_.Template -like 'GROUP*')


        $Site = Get-SPOSite -Identity $_.URL

        #Get Group Owners

        $GroupOwners = (Get-AzureADGroupOwner -ObjectId $Site.GroupID | Select -ExpandProperty UserPrincipalName) -join "; "     




        $GroupOwners = $_.Owner


    #Collect Data

    $SiteOwners += New-Object PSObject -Property @{

    'Site Title' = $_.Title

    'URL' = $_.Url

    'Owner(s)' = $GroupOwners



#Get Site Owners



#Export Site Owners report to CSV

$SiteOwners | Export-CSV -path $CSVPath -NoTypeInformation -Encoding utf8 -Append


Need other code to help catch the sharepoint owner/site admin with accurate .





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Hello @michael1900,

One of the options to get Site Admins is to get list of all members of the site and then identify who has IsSiteAdmin property equal to True:

$SiteAdmins = (Get-SPOUser -Site $URL -Limit ALL | Where-Object { $_.IsSiteAdmin -eq $True} 

Here is your code with the added line:

$AdminCenterURL = "https://<TenantName>"
$CSVPath = "c:/temp/danny.csv"
Connect-SPOService -url $AdminCenterURL
$Sites = Get-SPOSite -Limit ALL
$Results = New-Object 'System.Collections.Generic.List[psobject]'

forEach($s in $Sites) {
    If($_.Template -like 'GROUP*')
        $GroupOwners = (Get-AzureADGroupOwner -ObjectId $s.GroupID | Select -ExpandProperty UserPrincipalName) -join "; "     

        $GroupOwners = $s.Owner
    $SiteAdmins = (Get-SPOUser -Site $s.URL -Limit ALL | Where-Object { $_.IsSiteAdmin -eq $True} | Select-Object -ExpandProperty DisplayName) -join "; "
    $Results.Add( $(New-Object PSObject -Property $([ordered]@{
    'Site Title' = $s.Title
    'URL' = $s.Url
    'Owner(s)' = $GroupOwners
    'Admin(s)' = $SiteAdmins
$Results| Export-CSV -path $CSVPath -NoTypeInformation -Encoding utf8

Hope that helps.