Share & NTFS permissions export



I need to export a report from my file server for all the share & NTFS permissions to csv file.

I found the next script:

$FolderPath = dir -Directory -Path "#Requested Folder path" -Recurse -Force
$Report = @()
Foreach ($Folder in $FolderPath) {
$Acl = Get-Acl -Path $Folder.FullName
foreach ($Access in $acl.Access)
$Properties = [ordered]@{'FolderName'=$Folder.FullName;'AD
Group or
$Report += New-Object -TypeName PSObject -Property $Properties
$Report | Export-Csv -path "#Report Export path"


with this script, I got only the NTFS permissions.

I need to combine also the share permissions to the same CSV file.

thanks for the help.

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You're going to need to use a combination of Get-SmbShare and Get-SmbShareAccess

This is also PowerShell version dependent.



$cSession = New-CimSession -ComputerName "server" -Credential (get-credential)
$Results = Get-SmbShare -CimSession $cSession | Get-SmbShareAccess

$cSession | Remove-CimSession

$Results | Export-CSV -Path "<pathToCSVFile>"


Hi Josh,
if you can help me, I need Share & NTFS permissions for specific folders.
I didn`t understand your script



Share permissions are a function of the SMB share which is a separate entity to windows.  Even though a folder's properties page has a "sharing tab," all it does is allow you to create SMB entities connected to a particular folder.


Thus you need to use the other CmdLts to access SMB shares. 

Get-SMBShare allows you to get all smb shares on a computer.

Get-SMBShareAccess get's you the share permissions for each share.

New-CimSession/Remove-Cimsession is used in case you want to get the data from a remove server.

So how I combine the NTFS & Share permissions to one CSV file?


Also when I run my script, I got an error that I attached.

I running the script with Domain Administrator.