Setting Calendar access rights

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Hey everyone! first time posting. Been quite a few years since I did any kind of scripting in Powershell, and im hoping I could get some assistance from this amazing community!

heres what I need the script to accomplish:

1.) 2 execs can "view all details" on every employees calendar (with the exception of appointments marked as private)
2.) HR person can "view all details" on everyones Calendar (with the exception of the two execs and any appointment marked as private)

3.) Managers get "Can view titles and locations" based on who reports to them (I've already set the Manager fields in the exchange admin center)

4.) Everyone else gets "can view when im busy". Though of course they can see fulldetails when they are in the same meeting together.

again its been so long since I've scripted so any direction or assistance would be greatly appreciated!


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Is it for Exchange on-premise or Online? You could start by using this blog post, for example If you can set the correct permissions for one, then you can do it for multiple and schedule it so that new employees are configured correctly too.

Any update for us?