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I try to add information to our meeting rooms, by using Set-Place
We are using a hybrid setup and therefore only using Set-Place to set a few data.

this Script worked for me last week but now I get an "Internal server error" when I try to run it.
Can anybody see whats going wrong?


--------------------------Script Begins---------------------------------------

#User credentials
$UPN = read-host -Prompt "Initialer"
$C = Get-Credential -UserName "$UPN-adm" -Message "Password please"


#Create folder to csv export if not already created
New-Item -Path "c:\" -Name "Powershell csv" -ItemType "directory" -Credential $C


#Input Roomlist name in variable ADgroup
$ADgroup = "RL_EOP_ep-galgebakken"
Get-ADGroupMember -Identity "$ADgroup" | Select SamAccountName | Export-Csv -Path "C:\Powershell csv\Roomfinder.csv" -Force


#Information sent to room this is for rooms at Knud Højgaards Vej 7
#$City = "Søborg"
#$StreetAddress = "Knud Højgaards Vej 7"
#$PostalCode = "2860"
#$Contry = "DK"

$City = ""
$StreetAddress = ""
$PostalCode = ""
$Country = ""


#Command to transfer location to rooms
Import-Csv "C:\Powershell csv\Roomfinder.csv" | foreach {Set-ADUser $_.SamAccountName.trim() -City "$City" -StreetAddress "$StreetAddress" -PostalCode "$PostalCode" -Country "$Country" -Credential $C}


#Command to give each room an Atributte
Import-Csv "C:\Powershell csv\Roomfinder.csv" | foreach {Get-ADUser $_.SamAccountName.trim() | Select USerPrincipalName}

#$Place is the UserPrincipalName for a single output from the command above.
#If wheelchair friendly remove # and "" from line 38 and # from line 45
$Place = "Email address removed"
$Capacity = "12"
$Building = ""
$Floor = ""
$Audio = ""
$Display = "Clickshare Barco"
$Video = "Clickshare Barco"
#$WheelChair = "$true"
Set-place $Place -Capacity $Capacity
Set-place $Place -Building "$Building"
Set-place $Place -floor "$Floor"
Set-place $Place -AudioDeviceName "$Audio"
Set-place $Place -DisplayDeviceName "$Display"
Set-place $Place -VideoDeviceName "$Video"
#Set-place $Place -IsWheelChairAccessible $WheelChair


#show details from every room in chosen roomlist When rooms are synced (30 min.)
Import-Csv "C:\Powershell csv\Roomfinder.csv" | foreach {Get-Place $_.SamAccountName.trim() | Format-List}


---------------------Script End----------------------------------------

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Does it tell you which script line it throws the error on?
After it errors out, can you post the output of the following:
$error[0] | fl * -force