send powershell script output by email

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Hi all,

i'm trying to send the output of a powershell script by mail.

here's the script : collect o365 unused licenses and send the result by mail


$licenses = Get-MsolAccountSku
foreach ($license in $licenses){
$UnusedUnits = $license.ActiveUnits - $license.ConsumedUnits
$output = "$($license.SkuPartNumber) has $unusedUnits unused licenses" | Out-String
Send-MailMessage -From -To -Subject licenses_left -Body $output -SmtpServer '' -Port '587' -UseSsl -Credential


it's working, i receive the mail except in the body i have only one line, the last result:

O365_BUSINESS  has -2 unused licenses


instead of something like :

TREAM has 999999 unused licenses
SPZA_IW has 9999 unused licenses
WINDOWS_STORE has 0 unused licenses
FLOW_FREE has 9829 unused licenses

O365_BUSINESS  has -2 unused licenses


anyone has an idea of what i'm doing wrong ?


thanks ll for your help




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Well you are overwriting your $output variable on each iteration. Instead, you should add to it, or use a list, or whichever other method you prefer.

@Vasil Michev 


thank you very much for your answer wich i m sorry is not obsvious for me.

i don't see how to add it instead.

i'm trying to keep this script simple without any file insertion.


thanks for your help

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You can do something like this:


$output = @()
$licenses = Get-MsolAccountSku

foreach ($license in $licenses){
$UnusedUnits = $license.ActiveUnits - $license.ConsumedUnits
$output += "$($license.SkuPartNumber) has $unusedUnits unused licenses"

@Vasil Michev 



the send-mailMessage comand doesn't like the "+" parameter in $output +=

and when i remove it , i have got the same result (only one line)




You dont need to change that cmdlet, just replace the stuff I posted above.

Oh wait, seems I forgot the stringify part... Replace it with

($output | Out-String)

@Vasil Michev 

yes thx was already done but

because of the output syntaxt : $output + email is not sent






@eli_sorow , as @Vasil Michev  wrote, copy his code and in the Send-Message cmdlet you will need to make this small change

-Body ($output | Out-String) instead of -Body $output 

@farismalaeb @Vasil Michev 

it's working fine.

thank you both for your help and time, much appreciated!






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