Security & Compliance Command Not Recognized

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I need to use the Set-AutoSensitivityLabelPolicy command, and I have v3.1.0 of Exchange Online PowerShell installed.  After successfully connecting with Connect-IPPSSession, I get an error that the Set-AutoSensitivityLabelPolicy isn't a command.  When I look up the command, it's supposed to be a part of Exchange Online PowerShell, but when I use get-command -module ExchangeOnlineManagement, it's not listed.  What am I missing?


I have also tried loading the older 2.0.5 version of ExchangePowerShell, but that did not help either.

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If I connect as the service account, which is an Exchange Admin and a Security Admin, the command is not recognized.  If I connect as a global admin, it is.  What role is needed?




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Hello @Ukiman1014,

Sensitivity Labels are part of Microsoft Purview Compliance and the role you need is Compliance Administrator.

Hope that helps.