Script to select users from specific OUs and with Specific Department codes.

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Hey Team, 

I would like to do the following: 


1) Search 5 separate OUs 

2) Select All users from those OUs with a specific Department code - DepartmnetCode looks like 123456 (4-7 numbers, all in a list).

3) Select only users with a City specific city defined in their ad user account (Los Angeles, Santa Monica) etc. 


I have about 120 department codes in a text file. some of our users have those department codes defined in their AD accounts. I can define the variables easy enough but the place i always hit the most difficulty is the foreach commands. 


$DepartmentCode = Get-Content c:\temp\departmentCode.txt

$ous = 'OU=Test 1,DC=domain,DC=com','OU=Test 2,DC=domain,DC=com'

$Cities = "Los Angeles", "Santa Monica", "Playa Vista", "Culver City"


I know that i can use SearchBase


Get-ADUser -SearchBase -Filter * -SearchBase $_ous? but how do i tell PowerShell to only select users in that have a matching City in their AD Account as per the $Cities Variable? and also how to i tell PS to only select users that have a departmentcode (defined on their ad user account, and in my department code list). ?


Any ideas? Maybe a similar script so i can see how it might work ? 







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What you need to look at is Where-Object.

You could do something like this:

Get-ADUser -SearchBase -Filter * -SearchBase $ous | Where-Object  {$departmentcode -contains $_.department -and $Cities  -contains $_.City}