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All, I am using Office 365. Some tasks require, or are easier to do using PowerShell. 

The only issue I have is that since I have 2FA, I need to sign in again and again, sometimes 10 or more times per day. 

In the browser I am signed in to the admin center. 


Is there any way to run PS commands from one of the admin centers? 

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@shimshey I dont know how your 2FA is set up but I know you can disable 2FA for specific IP ranges like that of your work network.
Recommendation: Run these PS scripts from a service account that have 2FA disabled. You can also limit these accounts to run only in a limited IP range. 

Not from the admin center, but you can run it from Azure Cloud Shell now:


Only problem - it disconnects in 20 mins :)


Thanks! But it seems like I am missing an Azure subscription...  

I am using Office 365 only...