Robocopy and hidden files

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I try to copy a folder without "thumbs.db and office temporary files.

Here the command line : 


robocopy C:\Folder_A D:\Folder_B /mir /r:0 /w:0 /XF thumbs.db ~$*.*


This is very annoying because these files always appear.


May you help me ?


Thank you !



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Not sure what your question is, the command-line seems ok and you can't stop those files from appearing :)

Hi Harm_Veenstra,

thank you for replying. I finally found the reason why temporary files appeared.
In Robocopy command , I initially put "/a-:sh" as argument. So it was wrong.

I decided delete all backuped files and did it again with command "C:\Folder_A D:\Folder_B /mir /r:0 /w:0".

Now all is alrignt. No temporary files got copied.

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