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I am using Graph API to get some informations in tabular format and current output looks like this:




 In first table under "licenseName" column, I am translating "License name" to "FriendlyName" using "replace"



@{Label='LicenseName';Expression={$($_.skuPartNumber -replace $_.skuPartNumber,$sku.Item($_.skuPartNumber))}}




where $sku is like :




$Sku = @{
 "DEVELOPERPACK_E5"      = "Developer Pack E5 - from MSDN";
 "O365_BUSINESS_ESSENTIALS"      = "Office 365 Business Essentials";
 "O365_BUSINESS_PREMIUM"      = "Office 365 Business Premium";
 "DESKLESSPACK"      = "Office 365 (Plan K1)";
 "DESKLESSWOFFPACK"      = "Office 365 (Plan K2)";
 "LITEPACK"      = "Office 365 (Plan P1)";
 "EXCHANGESTANDARD"      = "Office 365 Exchange Online Only";
 "STANDARDPACK"      = "Enterprise Plan E1";
 "STANDARDWOFFPACK"      = "Office 365 (Plan E2)";
 "ENTERPRISEPACK" = "Enterprise Plan E3";
 "ENTERPRISEPACKLRG"      = "Enterprise Plan E3";
 "ENTERPRISEWITHSCAL" = "Enterprise Plan E4";




However, in other table below, column name "Licenses", I cannot translate it to "FriendlyName" as it has multiple value. I tried several things but no luck (using "replace" like above)


Can anyone please help me. 


I thank you in advance



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