Remotely get the start time of a process through Powershell

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If I run the following command remotely, the starttime comes back as blank


Get-Process -ComputerName myComputer | select name, id, starttime | select-string myProcess


However if I run it on the target machine it works fine and I can get the starttime. How can I get the starttime of a server process from a remote computer? 

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Hi @peter_s,

To remotely retrieve the start time of a process using PowerShell, you can utilize the Invoke-Command cmdlet. When running the Get-Process command remotely, the StartTime property may not be available by default. you can try this code:

$computerName = "myComputer"
$processName = "myProcess"

$startTime = Invoke-Command -ComputerName $computerName -ScriptBlock {
Get-Process -Name $procName | Select-Object -ExpandProperty StartTime
} -ArgumentList $processName

Write-Host "Start Time: $startTime"

In this code, the Invoke-Commandis used to run the Get-Process command remotely on the specified $computerName. The script retrieves the process using the provided $processName parameter and selects the StartTime property. Finally, the start time is stored in the $startTime variable and displayed.

Invoke-Command (Microsoft.PowerShell.Core) - PowerShell | Microsoft Learn

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Okay got it! I was missing computer name and just found out that the process name is case sensitive

invoke-command -computerName myServer -ScriptBlock {Get-Process -name myProcess | select name, id, starttime }