Read value from variable after converting from JSON

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I'm developing my first scripts to read data from Defender 365 Hunting queries and then use those values to be stored on a variable and sent over by email for some reports.

For example, now I've got the result from a query, which after parsing the JSON with the command:

$vulnData = $vulnResponse.Content | ConvertFrom-Json

Then, I've got this on $vulnData variable:

email address removed for privacy reasons Count
----------------         -----
#Int64                      100


How can I extract the number to a variable?


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$vulnData.Count should give you 100. You can set it to another variable if needed by using $number=$vulnData.Count



That was what I was expecting, but in fact when I do a $vulnData.Count I get a value of 1, instead of the value which is contained.

Am I missing something obvious here?

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:beaming_face_with_smiling_eyes: The .Count method does a count and that's one. Perhaps putting 's around it would help?


After digging a bit this worked out.