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I am working on a function, i'm at a point where i have two variables, only one of them will have a value, the other is $null.  I want to use the variable that has a value in the following code.  What is the fastest or most efficient, or best way to determine this.


I know i can do an if-else condition, but i'd prefer something more classy if possible.  My mind is wondering if there is such a thing as "for which ever of these two vars has a value, do this"

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you can use "-ne" operator.




PS C:\> ($null,10,$null,20 -ne $null)[0]
PS C:\>
PS C:\>
PS C:\> $a1=$null
PS C:\> $a2=2
PS C:\> ($a1,$a2 -ne $null)[0]



1) comma ',' operation creates array from your values/variables. Result: array with some null elements 

2) '-ne' operator filter out null values. Result: array with only not-null elements

3) '[]' operator will take the 1st element from the array produced at step 2


Code assumes at least one variable is not null.