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I have the following code:


$dbs = Get-AzSqlDatabase -ResourceGroupName $SQLResourceGroup -ServerName $ServerName

$results = foreach ($db in $dbs.DatabaseName)
    $dbAudit = Get-AzSqlDatabaseAudit -ResourceGroupName $SQLResourceGroup -ServerName $ServerName -DatabaseName $db

                             Database = $dbAudit.DatabaseName
                             Storage  = $dbAudit.BlobStorageTargetState

$results | Format-Table -Property @{Expression={$_.DatabaseName};Label="Display Name";width=35}, `
                                  @{Expression={$_.BlobStorageTargetState};Label="Login Name";width=40}


The script originally worked before I added the FT function.  Now the display is blank as shown below:


Display Name Login Name
------------ ----------

If I remove the FT function it will display in key/value pairs.  I'd like for it to be displayed in columnar format.


Any ideas?




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You could try outputting your data as [string]::Format("{0} `t `t {1}", $variable1, variable2) . the `t is tabbing between the two?