PowerShell working under Bash for Windows


Here's an additional tip that will help you work with PowerShell Core in Bash for Windows.


As you all might know, running PowerShell Core in Windows Bash can be challenging. Fortunately not impossible. Please see my blog post: http://www.maxtblog.com/2016/10/running-powershell-in-windows-10-bash-workaround/


You will need to run 'powershell' from a console application: either 'screen' or 'xterm'.  You can use 'screen' within the prompt in Bash, or use the GUI app 'xterm'.


Now, on by blog post, I mention tips to enable the scrolling (pgup/pgdown) feature.  I said also the using the 'clear' or powershell cmd 'cls' nor 'clear-host' still won't work.


Well, I found another workaround for clearing the screen in the console:  Ctrl-L  which works in both 'screen' and 'xterm' apps.


Learning these little shortcuts will improve your UX when using PowerShell in Bash.


Hope this helps,

Maximo Trinidad




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