powershell script to copy duplicate rows in one excel file to another excel file

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How find duplicate Values In Excel and Export Rows to another sheet using PowerShell. I had an excel sheet with multiple rows and column lets say from A to K. I need to find duplicate rows only if values in all the columns in a row are unique. And the script should ignore D,E,F columns even though those column's values are same. The script should also copy all those duplicate rows and should paste in a new excel file. Also attaching a sample image of input file. Can any one help me on this. Thanks in advance.


Note: I don't need unique rows I need only duplicate rows as an output and the output should also contain source duplicated row.i need output as 2 to 7 in this scenario(picture attached). the original file has 1lac rows like this. This attached one is just reference file

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Wow vba and powershell both will lend themselves to scripting.dictionary