Powershell script to add new Network Location for multiple storage volumes?

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Under the "Network Locations" section within "This PC", it is possible to add an infinite(?) amount of network locations using the Add Network Location Wizard. I'm having trouble finding a Powershell script that accomplishes the same thing as this wizard.


At my workplace, all 26 drive letters are full and we would like to switch over to network locations to have easy access to more storage volumes. We will need the location to show within the "Network Locations" section within "This PC" and to appear in the left hand column under "This PC", similar to how mounted drives display this way. 





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Hi there, this script looks great and achieves what I'm looking for, though I would like it to already have the network locations pre-named and mapped so the script could easily be mass deployed and ran without human error. This is possible when creating a script for multiple drive mounts, do you know if this is possible for adding network locations?