Powershell ResultSize not working

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I wrote a small script but for some reason “ResultSize” doesn’t work.

“WARNING: There are more results available than currently displayed. If you want to display all results, increase the value for the ResultSize parameter. but this is already on “unlimited” I already tried with digits but won't works.



$DLList = Import-CSV "C:\temp\Liste_DL_UTF8.csv"


foreach($Line in $DLList)
#Write-Host $Line.Liste
Get-DynamicDistributionGroupMember -ResultSize unlimited -Identity $Line.Liste | Select-Object DisplayName | Export-Csv -Path C:\Temp\DL_Listen_Members\$($Line.Liste)_Members.csv
#Write-Host (Get-DynamicDistributionGroupMember -ResultSize unlimited -Identity $Line.Liste).DisplayName


Thanks for every help!


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Hello @SpeedHeed,

As you already mentioned, you are using -ResultSize unlimited to get all possible results. The warning that you are seeing is there by default, FYI type of thing.

However, there are couple of more things to take into the consideration:

  • The results from this cmdlet are updated every 24 hours. So your results might not be reflected right away.
  • You might also want to include IncludeSoftDeletedObjects switch to include any soft-deleted group members in the results.

Reference: Get-DynamicDistributionGroupMember

Hope that helps.