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I am pulling back some JSON formatted data via  Invoke-RestMethod.


I am trying to figure out how to get that data into usable format so that I can use the returned data in If else statements further down in the script I am using. The data is formatted such as when I use the following commands.

$searchResultsResponse = Invoke-RestMethod -Method POST -Uri $searchUri -ContentType application/json -Header $requestHeader -Body $searchResultsRequest




DisplayName     Value

Incident                1

Location                NC

Status                    4

Incident                 2

Location                NC

Status                     2

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Without seeing the actual JSON layout and what you want to use in the If clause we can't really help you.
But Invoke-RestMethod should automatically convert any JSON to a PSCustomObject which you should be able to use in any If/Else clause.

Here is a link to some sample data in the form a JSON. 

JSON File 


@Ronald Lawrimore 

I don't think there is a direct way of parsing the inner fields to a PSCustomObject.

The following should do the trick and give you a PSCustomObject to work with:

# $JSON is the result from your Invoke-WebRequest
ForEach($entry in $JSON)
    $newFields = @()
    $rawFields = $entry.Fields
    ForEach($rawField in $rawFields)
        $parameters = [PSCustomObject]@{}

        # Remove first 2 letters (as they are '@{') and the last '}'
        $rawField = $rawField.Substring(2, $rawField.Length - 4)

        # Parameters seem to be splitted by a ';'
        $rawParameters = $rawField -split ';'
        ForEach($pair in $rawParameters)
            # Key = Value
            $split = $pair -split '='
            # Trim the start as after the ';' a space occurs
            $name = $split[0].TrimStart()
            # Skip empty pairs
            $parameters | Add-Member -NotePropertyName $name -NotePropertyValue $split[1]

        $newFields += $parameters

    # Override original Fields entry
    $entry.Fields = $newFields