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Hi All,


i am trying to build a simple GUI where users selects one of the two options from a drop down menu and click launch button. I have two PowerShell scripts. Scripts 1 and Script 2. Based on the option select by the user from the drop down menu, it launch runs script 1 or script 2:



how to connect my two PowerShell scripts to these two drop down menu options?

any tutorial links will be greatly appreciated.


Thanks in advance everyone.

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In Launch button click, you have to get selected option and based on this option, you have to load your script file (assumed .ps1 file) and call the relevant function.


$scriptOption = #get selected dropdown item text

if($scriptOption -eq "Script1") {
#Initialize script1
. C:\Scripts\Script1.ps1
#Call function in script1
} else {
#Initialize script2
. C:\Scripts\Script2.ps1
#Call function in script2