Powershell for opening and running CAD files

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Hello Community,


I am new to Powershell and scripting language. I am trying to automate a sequence of steps that I do in my process of 3D printing which are repetitive. Can anybody guide on it? I have used the Powershell script to open a file, and run it on a MATLAB platform. The basic steps are as listed here.


1. Open the software (3D sprint or any CAD software like Solidworks)

2. Import the CAD design from a location

3. Make an array of the design (optional step)

4. Export the design in the printable format

5. Select the printing material

6. Send the design to print


Since these are repetitive steps, I want to know how can I automate these?



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Most of these things can be done if you review the application manual, for example

open a file: usually the application will open the required file if you call the .EXE and append the path to it

C:\Windows\Notepad.exe C:\MyFile.txt (This will open MyFile.txt)

the other steps also and it depend on the application, it can be completed via application parameters,

check the application /? or help.


But if you want to do it via powershell, I will use SendKey(), but this wont be much helpfull, maybe will make the process faster, but wont really silently automate it.