Powershell for beginners? Where should I begin?

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Hello Everyone,


I want to take my Powershell learning to infinity and beyond.

I am trying to get started in Powershell and looking for advice on where to begin.

Please let me know if there are any resources or books I should begin with.

Have a the most incredible day!


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Hi Alex

Better try it on
and many more. =)



To add two extra links to what @Alan2022 already provided:


  1. The Microsoft PowerShell landing page:
    PowerShell Documentation - PowerShell | Microsoft Docs
  2. From below the landing page, a handy introduction to PowerShell:
    Introduction - PowerShell | Microsoft Docs

There's plenty of examples to be found under the various "microsoft.com" sites (just search for the command you're interested in as the Microsoft documentation for that command frequently has good examples within it), but if you're not already familiar with it, another great site to search under is stackoverflow.com.


It's worth a quick mention that there's two PowerShell "pathways" you'll come across:


  1. Windows PowerShell 5.1
  2. PowerShell (which is the cross-platform iteration, currently referenced as version 7.x.)


My advice to you is get to know them both and worry about the differences later on when you better understand each. You'll may find yourself flip-flopping between both depending on task requirements and the customer environment.






Thank you very much for replying with the information.

Have a great day.

There are a lot of channels on youtube that can help.
Sometimes it can be confusing how to start.
Start by making a small test project, for example copying a file from one directory to the other then add more features to it so you can practice
The best way to learn is practice, error, mistake, hate it, love it, fix it.. yea it work
But I am sure you will enjoy it.



Thank you for your time and your response.

I will definitely take your advice.