Powershell days different output result is not a day number

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When I use

$Date1 - $Date2

output result is not a time number


$Date1 - $Date2


the result is shown as below


how can i get days in a number?


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Yes, that's correct. Any [datetime] arithmetic results in what you're seeing, which is a [timespan] object (TimeSpan Struct (System) | Microsoft Docs).


The simplest way to get the difference in days is:


($Date1 - $Date2).Days


If the value of Days is negative, that just means that $Date2 is greater than $Date1.






Thank for you reply


You can see the image i used $date1 is 2022/08/05 $date2 is 2022/05/10.

So result shoud not a negative number.


And I think result is not a timestamp.because I use this

[DateTime]::FromFileTimeUTC($Date1 - $Date2).days

cant't be result to a date.


I got the same result using New-TimeSpan,

(New-TimeSpan -Start $Date2 -End $Date1).Days

but what MS says about New-TimeSpan  -days shoud be a number (Int32).


I want get the result be a "days"(number) not a timestamp .


have you get a good idea?






So, your first command is not going to work as it's mixing data types.


The call to FromFileTimeUTC is expecting an Int64, not a Timespan - which is what you get from "$Date1 - $Date2".


The simplest way to get the days is as shown below.




Similarly, New-TimeSpan returns the same result.