PowerShell commands that let you interact with the Windows UI?

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Hello all. I'm wondering if there's a reference page or other list of Microsoft commands accessible from the PowerShell (and therefore also within shell scripts) that lets you interact with the GUI on Windows? For example, a program that lets you pop up a confirmation window and then returns which of the possible button choices the user selected? Would be most appreciative of a link or two. 


Thanks, all!

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So as I understand you need Powershell to generate some Windows UI message, 

if you want to have  fully Windows UI interface PowerShell programming, then you can use https://www.sapien.com/software/powershell_studio

they are a bit expensive for my budget so.

if you want to show only message box and do an action based on the user choice, the you can follow the following link which have all the information you need