PowerShell Colors for Operator & Parameter

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Hi all

I have some weird behavior here.

When I work with PowerShell 7 over the Windows Console Host, the Operator and Parameter color are completely black, and I can't see them when I type an Operator or Parameter.preuley30_0-1649842022253.png

When I work with PS7 over the Windows Terminal, the Operator and Parameter are visible.


Both windows have the same background color (0c0c0c) and I copied the value from the Windows Console Host PS7, to make sure it has the same value as the window from the Windows Terminal PS7.


Has anyone a fix/explanation for this? Thanks. :)


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I did have an issue with Windows 11 themes in which coloring was weird, does it change when you change your Windows theme to something light instead of dark?
Hi, thanks for your reply.
I've tested the behavior with light mode on, but it changed nothing :\
Running pwsh -noprofile doesn't change anything? (Just to rule out profile issues)

@Harm_Veenstra still the same...




What I typed in:

PS C:\Windows\System32> pwsh -noprofile
PowerShell 7.2.2
Copyright (c) Microsoft Corporation.

Type 'help' to get help.

PS C:\Windows\System32> ffjsodfj -jfisdjfij


@preuley30 And pressing Ok afterwards?



@Harm_Veenstra Unfortunately did not help... :\



:( Don't know anything else, hope some has an idea?
Thanks anyway for your efforts. Is not tragic. I will just work with the terminal. :) have a nice weekend.