Powershell Code to Check Who Changed Appointment Status

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Hi All

This is my first post in the blog. I need some help please. We have an executive user who share his calendar with 2 of his Assistants. Appointment at his calendar changed to Tentative this morning, as per the user he never changed it and as per Assistants they neither. Now i am trying to find out from Calendar log using powershell if i can find who changed the appointment last time. Using Get-CalendarDiagnosticLog i am able to find the info about that appointment but cannot find about the info when was this appointment status changed. Is there any code or switch that can be used or any other way i can find out this info ? i would really appreciate your comments/help.



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Here is the attached command that i am using.

I would suggest also looking at the mailbox audit logs, if those were enabled at the time the change was made. But in general, I wouldn't get my hopes high on that, Exchange auditing leaves a lot to be desired.

I'm moving this to the Windows PowerShell community for better visibility.