Pipe Content of file in dynamic execution of a command

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Hi there!

This is the challenge:
I create a file in a dynamic location, based on former input.
The I need to pipe the contents of this file into a commandline which also has dynamic parameters:



Get-Content $sourcepath\password.xml | $sourcepath"\hdbinst.exe --silent --batch --path="$global:installpath" --agent_instance="$global:agentname" --service_user="$global:serviceuserdomain"\"$global:serviceuser" --read_password_from_stdin=xml"



But of course I get the error that expressions are only allow as first element of a pipeline.
Can anyone help?

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Do you have a example/adjusted XML file?
Is your XML file formatted like this? https://help.sap.com/viewer/2c1988d620e04368aa4103bf26f17727/2.0.06/en-US/c2b981c320d84676a0bd9b2bd0... (It's a Linux example, but I guess it's the same because you're installing SAP right? And is your XML UTF-8?
Its not the format of the xml doesn't matter. Yes, its a SAP solution.
I managed to run it with
cmd /c $installcmd
Ok, and $installcmd contains? (If that's the solution, it's good to post it here)

$installcmd="more " +$sourcepath+"\password.xml |" +$sourcepath+"\hdbinst.exe --silent --batch --path="+$global:installpath+" --agent_instance="+$global:agentname+" --service_user="+$global:serviceuserdomain+"\"+$global:serviceuser+" --read_password_from_stdin=xml"

Cmd /c $installcmd


Sorry for the formatting, I post from my mobile

Doesn't matter, thanks for sharing