Passing parameters to an .exe program in a powershell loop

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I am a complete newcomer to powershell.  I’m not sure if this is the proper forum for powershell novices who are not IT professionals to get help, but I’m giving it a try. 


I’m trying to build a script that will cycle through all my flac format music files and check their integrity using the executable program flac.exe.   I’ve a good idea how to do this, but I’m having problems calling flac.exe from within a powershell loop.  I can execute flac.exe fine if not within a loop.


Specifically, this set of commands works fine:


--------code that works----------

$xdir = “e:\checking_music_collection_for_errors\10_000_Maniacs\(1993)_Mtv_Unplugged\”

Set-Location $xdir “

flac –t good.flac



But if I loop through all the flac files in $xdir and pass them to flac.exe, as in the code directly below, the “-t” option in the flac command (which instructs the program to test the file and not re-encode it) is not understood and is ignored.  Because the option is ignored, the flac program thinks I want to re-encode the file but doesn’t because the flac file already exists.  The filename is properly passed to the flac program. 


--------code that does not work----------------

$xdir = “e:\checking_music_collection_for_errors\10_000_Maniacs\(1993)_Mtv_Unplugged\”

$files = Get-ChildItem $xdir *.flac -recurse

foreach ($f in $files){

echo  = $f.FullName    

flac –t  $f.FullName 




Any help would be greatly appreciated.  Thanks.  

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I should have mentioned that I'm using Powershell ISE, and strangely ordinary Powershell 5.1 behaves differently. Specifically, I am unable to get the flac command to work in ordinary Powershell even if not in a loop.
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You could try setting the argument (-t) as a variable, so 

$xdir = “e:\checking_music_collection_for_errors\10_000_Maniacs\(1993)_Mtv_Unplugged\”
$files = Get-ChildItem $xdir *.flac -recurse
foreach ($f in $files){
echo  = $f.FullName    
flac.exe $parameters $f.FullName 
Harm_Veenstra's suggestion works. Thanks so much!
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