OWA Signature Not Updating

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We are currently using Exclaimer to push out signatures to all users in our organization. A user using OWA is having the issue of showing double signatures.


I ran the PS command Set-MailboxMessageConfiguration -Identity <username> -AutoAddSignature $False -AutoAddSignatureOnReply $False -SignatureText " “ -SignatureHTML " " and ran another PS command to see the user's current settings.




Also, I switched the OWA policy through Exchange Admin to enable Email Signature under the User Experience, but the email signature portion under the OWA settings is still missing.


Any thoughts would be appreciated.


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For anyone that stumbled across this post. I figured out the solution.


I had to disable OWA completely for the user under the Exchange Admin page and re-enable it.

After that, the signature portion under settings reappeared (if you have the Email Signature checked).


Then, I removed her signature and for some odd reason, I had to re-disable OWA again and re-enable it for the email signature portion under settings to disappear (after unchecking the Email Signature box.)