OneDrive: Force expire content that is shared externally without using Anonymous links

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As the title suggest I am trying to find a way so that we can force links shared externally to expire after X days, but WITHOUT using anonymous links. Sometimes we have high sensitive documents that we would like to have available for 24 hours and then expire. I did notice that this setting only works on anonymous links, however we are trying to avoid using that feature since it's the most permissive and since we are a financial institution...this can prove quite problematic when it comes to highly sensitive data that may be shared like SSN, CCN, etc...


Is there a way to do this?Perhaps using powershell cmds? 



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Not sure I understand correctly, but you can control link expiration (any link type) via the SPO/ODFB admin portal. Once configured, it will apply to already shared links.


If you want to apply it only on some links/files, you will have to enumerate those then use CSOM/Graph API to update the link properties.

@Odenkaz Did you ever get a good answer to this question?